Repackaging Myself..

I am getting ready to revise a few things on Your Own Personal Bully. I am a very slow learner, but I do learn. I forgot to fix a few mistakes and I forgot to add how to contact me or any of my pages. As I was preparing to change things, I was reading my manuscript again and then looked at my profiles. I didn’t understand how to be Jean Raven, I didn’t understand how to present my book. I wrote this vague synopsis for the story and told myself it was good to be mysterious.

But I wasn’t mysterious, I was invisible. Whoops. So I created Jean Raven in person and mind. I have gathered my courage and took some pictures. Then I understood that my story was truly about a bully and his victim falling into a twisted form of love. It was about what lovers and friends would do to protect what they love. But there’s more. It’s about dominating cold authority in a cursed seaside town. And it’s about violence, hate, family, love, obsession and murder. It’s an explicit novel and I am proud of it. Time to let the world know that.


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