Settling Back In..

Long time no see and I am excited to be back. I had a long run of illness but finally feeling better and ready to type. I finished the first run of Your Own Personal Hell, the sequel to Your Own Personal Bully. Sent it off to the editor and I am getting it back a hundred pages at a time. Just rewrote the whole prologue. I got a little long winded and it was almost ten pages! Now it’s down to a decent three and a half pages.

I am having fun with the rewriting, even when it frustrates me. Just feels good to be back in action at all! As much as I love Harrow Village, I am thinking of also writing my autobiography, How To Raise A Dysfunctional Family In Twelve Days Or Less. I might start writing it in between my work on Your Own Personal Hell and the other books in the series. I will admit I am not very comfortable writing about myself directly.

But I am always up for a good challenge and writing about my own life might be very therapeutic. Once I can find the right amount of dark humor, I’ll give it my best shot.


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