My name is Nancy Casey. I have spent my life living on the East Coast. Sea salt air, foggy beach shores, storms, seaside towns and seaside cities have inspired my imagination. My greatest fantasy was to become an author, to create a seaside village where the impossible, the fantastical and the ultra dark things could roam free.

I have published my first book of the Harrow Village Series, Your Own Personal Bully. I am currently working on my second book in the series, Your Own Personal Hell. My work contains extreme horror and deals with very dark subject matter. However, if that’s your cup of tea, please, come into my parlor.

Have some cake and ignore the screaming, dear. Would you like sugar or milk? Now, if you are interested, I have some tags that you might like to taste. My series contains LGBT community, extreme horror, a touch of gore, a bit of the supernatural, a touch of suspense all tossed into a thriller of a magical village.