Eyes Of A Dreamer..

Yesterday was the first day I didn’t write anything, zilch, zero, nothing. Not a single word anywhere. I just couldn’t, it wasn’t writer’s block but it was something. I watched a little television, read a book and took a nap. Today I have not written anything on the book yet but at least I got the blog up? I left off on Chapter 32 of Your Own Personal Hell.

Kyle’s point of view during the death ceremonies for an infamous man in Harrow Village. I can’t wait to finish this book and share it with all of you!


A Note To Follow..

Most of my writing is heavily inspired by music. Every character has a song, every chapter has a certain set of songs. The entire book has theme songs. All of Harrow Village has music. I created a Spotify list of my book music called Harrow Village. Not every person who will read Your Own Personal Bully will enjoy my soundtrack but I add songs as I add new chapters and new books to the series.

My Treelink has a bit of the list and a link to Harrow Village music. Give it a listen and see if you can find any of the characters from Your Own Personal Bully.


Facing Facts..

I have had a few readers ask me why I never show myself, just my avatar. Even in my TikTok (making my second one today!) I don’t show my face or much of me if I can help it. I want my books to be the most interesting thing about me. What happens inside my head matters more than the outside me. I like letting my words be what everyone can notice about me.

Also, since I am using a pen name, it would be kind of silly to show myself. I think most folks enjoy a mystery, a little suspense. I can tell you this much, I do have purple hair, I am truly short and I mostly survive on black tea and a steady diet of horror in all it’s forms. That’s more than enough about me. Finished Chapter 30 and onto Chapter 31.

Shutting Down For The Day..

I started writing at six thirty this morning. Still on Chapter Thirty and it’s getting quite intense. The Honorable Judge Marcus Silver is truly a father figure to behold. I mean, once you get past the manacles, the branding, the sociopath tendencies, it’s just a dad trying to teach some young men a lesson.

Have a great Sunday!

Picturing A New Future..

Today with my child’s help, I made my first TikTok! And set up my Treelink! I am very excited and scared too. These are new things and they are as terrifying to me as my writing might be to some others. I expect that I will get a few viewers and a few half hearted likes. There’s not enough to it for dislikes. I think.

I signed and delivered a few of my paperback books the other day and it was surreal. I even made my first one hundred dollars in book sales! And most importantly of all, some folks even contacted me to say they really enjoyed my book! My self esteem and my confidence have a much needed boost. So thank you to anyone who reads or watches my stuff!

Please take a peek at my tiktok and let me know what you think!


Just reaching out and offering my thoughts..

Today one of my favorite characters, The Honorable Marcus Silver is teaching a very important lesson about loyalty to Kyle, Seth and Caleb. He is also cooking them supper. In the basement. Did I mention the second book contains just a wisp of cannibalism? For me the biggest part of the scene is when Marcus informs the children all about Kyle’s mysteriously missing mother. That is harder than writing the torture scene itself.

Even though we will never know everything about Kyle’s mother, we need to know that she existed and what her basic story was. I have been giving great thought to how Marcus might have been when he was younger. I am sure it wasn’t a love story at all. My mind’s eye shows me a young girl who spent her life living in Jackie Pierce’s awful foster home and was dumped out without any way to live an adult life.

Steals to live and drugs just to not have to think and bam, ends up in court before the judge. And from that moment forward, she became his. That’s all I have and today I have outside errands to attend to. I have all day to think about this poor young woman that fell for the judge.

About Your Own Personal Bully..

I must admit that I was afraid of how far I might have delved into perversity, gore and twisted affairs. Afraid because I know each book will only get a little deeper into dark themes. No matter how strange and erotic the story might have become it was about two things in my mind. It was about friends and how far they might go for each other. It was about love and what folks might do to achieve the love they need.

I would like to mention my first promotion! The first person to read Your Own Personal Bully and leave an amazon review will receive a FREE copy of Your Own Personal Hell when it’s available.

Enjoying the beach day..

Outside my window I see happy families playing on the large expanse of beach. The sun is golden, seagulls are flying and gaily dressed dog walkers stream by. However, inside my second book, Your Own Personal Hell, I am on Chapter 30. I am inside The Honorable Judge Marcus’s basement along with some very scared boys.

This book has a lot more supernatural occurrences and we see an expanded version of Harrow Village. I can’t wait to share more of this and my thoughts as I write. Welcome to Harrow Village and the slightly off kilter place that my brain lives.