Sick Days..

My son and I both were struck down by a stomach virus for a few days. We fought over the bathroom and remained curled in a fetal position on our couch for the duration of it. I was unable to write anything but my brain seemed to need the time off anyway. I read a new Dean Koontz novel, Devoted which was about dogs with extraordinary intelligence and an autistic boy who is about to be killed by several evil characters.

I watched Nope by Jordan Peele and it was crazy and wonderful. I fear giving any spoilers so I will just say, watch it, watch it, watch it. With great excitement, I watched the first episode of House of the Dragon. I might not be an author today if I hadn’t fallen in love with Game of Thrones. It was a huge inspiration for my writing. The other series I viewed was The Sandman and that was high fantasy of the highest order and truly, just see Gwendoline Christie and Charles Dance!

I am feeling better and ready to poison someone! Off to write Chapter 35 of Your Own Personal Hell! Readers, I can’t tell you how grateful I am that you take a moment to read my ramblings! Thank you!!!


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