Feeling Different..

When I started writing I wasn’t sure where it was going to go. Was it just for me or did I want to hide in fanfiction forever because it was safer than trying to do it on my own? Now I look back and I enjoyed my time with fanfiction and the wonderful supportive comments I would receive. But I’m glad I finally got out of my own way and allowed myself to write professionally.

I had to believe that my stories were worth sharing with the world. Then I had to believe that my stories were worth paying for. It was a long hard process that I work on every day. But as Lizzo stated, It’s Bad Bitch O’ Clock and it’s Thick-Thirty. I grow stronger and more assured of myself and my work each day and I’m thankful for it. I am also thankful for the devoted few that are willing to take a chance on me and my work.


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