Just reaching out and offering my thoughts..

Today one of my favorite characters, The Honorable Marcus Silver is teaching a very important lesson about loyalty to Kyle, Seth and Caleb. He is also cooking them supper. In the basement. Did I mention the second book contains just a wisp of cannibalism? For me the biggest part of the scene is when Marcus informs the children all about Kyle’s mysteriously missing mother. That is harder than writing the torture scene itself.

Even though we will never know everything about Kyle’s mother, we need to know that she existed and what her basic story was. I have been giving great thought to how Marcus might have been when he was younger. I am sure it wasn’t a love story at all. My mind’s eye shows me a young girl who spent her life living in Jackie Pierce’s awful foster home and was dumped out without any way to live an adult life.

Steals to live and drugs just to not have to think and bam, ends up in court before the judge. And from that moment forward, she became his. That’s all I have and today I have outside errands to attend to. I have all day to think about this poor young woman that fell for the judge.


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